Suffolk County Criminal Court

Suffolk County Criminal Court handles all criminal cases that are filed in Suffolk County. See below for more information about criminal cases in Suffolk County.

Right to Jury Trial

For “Serious Crimes”, those that can have a potential penalty of 6 months in jail OR a minimum $500 penalty, the US Constitution guarantees a right to trial by jury. This is guaranteed by Article III of the Constitution and the 6th Amendment. The accused has the ability to waive their right to trial by jury.

Jury Deliberation

In a jury trial in Suffolk County, after both the prosecution and defense have rested, the judge will give instructions to the jury and jury deliberations will begin. The jury will convence in a private room to discuss and deliberate the innocence or guilt of the defendant. Once the jury arrives at a unimanous decision, they will inform the judge that they have reached a decision. They will return to the court and the verdict will be read aloud. If the jury cannot reach a unaminous decision, the jury is said to be deadlocked and a mistrial will be declared in the case.

Suffolk County Criminal Court

Suffolk County Criminal Court

Appealing a guilty verdict

A defendant may appeal a guilty verdict to an appellate court. This is not a request to have another trial, but a request for an appellate court to review the case and determine that it was handled in a correct legal manner. There are a number of outcomes in an appeal including an upholding of the conviction, a finding that errors were made resulting in a retrial or resentencing or possibly a complete disimissal of all charges.

Arraignments in Suffolk County

During an arraignment in Suffolk County, a defendant appears before the court and the judge reads the charges that have been filed against the accused and also informs the defendant of his/her rights. During the arraignment in Suffolk County, the defendant can choose to plead one of the following 1) Guilty 2) Not Guilty or 3) No Contest. If the defendant enters a plea of Not Guilty, a date for trial is set. In the event of a Guilty or No Contest Plea in Suffolk County the defendant may be sentenced at that time or the sentencing may take place at a later date.

Suffolk County Criminal Court locations

Criminal proceedings take place in the Suffolk County Criminal Courts. A list of the criminal courts are located here.

Can I request a Plea Agreement?

In Suffolk County you may be able to enter into a plea agreement depending upon the severity of the charges. It is also dependant upon the prosecution willing to accept a plea agreement. You can ask your attorney to attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution to avoid having a jury trial along with the potential for a more serious sentence. Approximately 9 out of 10 criminal cases usually end in a plea agreement.

I need help for my Suffolk County criminal case

The best place to get information about your criminal case is from an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one to represent you which will assist in your case. For general information about your case the Suffolk County court clerk is able to provide general information about your specific case (e.g. date/time hearings, mandatory appearance, what will take place and what you will be required to do). The court clerk for Suffolk County will NOT be able to provide legal advice for your case, only an attorney can provide legal advice. The court clerk can provide legal information (like the information found on this website) about your case but cannot provide advice about what you should do in your legal manner.

Right to an attorney

The US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment ensures the right to an attorney regardless of whether or not you can afford one. In Suffolk County a public defender will be appointed by the judge if you cannot afford private representation.

Who is the prosecutor for Suffolk County?

Depending upon the case, the prosecutor for Suffolk County criminal cases will either be a representative of Suffolk County or a representative from New York. After reviewing evidence it is the prosecutor’s decision whether to file charges or drop a case. Most prosecutors have the ability to negotiate plea bargains, and determine how the case will be prosecuted.

Sentencing in Suffolk County

In Suffolk County if the defendant is found guilty (by trial or plea), the defendant will be sentenced. This sometimes occurrs immediately after being found guilty, but can also take place at a later date. In most instances, a judge will impose the sentence that is requested by the prosecution, but they also have the descretion to impose a different sentence.

Suffolk County Required Court Appearances

In Suffolk County, there are both required and non-required court appearances for the defendant. At a required or mandatory appearance hearing, the defendant is required to appear in person before the court. Failing to appear at your required hearing may result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest by the judge.

What is the Burden of Proof?

The term “Burden of Proof” means that the prosecutor is required to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor cannot provide proof of the defendants guilt, then the judge or jury in a trial must find the defendant not guilty. In the United States the principle innocent until proven guilty derives from this that the defendant is assumed innocent and the prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.

Suffolk County Criminal Court Locations

  • Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court

    Address: 320 Center Drive, Riverhead NY 11901
    Phone: 631-852-1746 Fax: 631-852-1777

  • Suffolk County Court

    Address: 210 Center Drive, Riverhead, NY 11901
    Phone: 631-852-2121 Fax: 631-852-2568

  • Suffolk County 1st District Court – Criminal

    Address: 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip NY 11722
    Phone: 631-853-7500

  • Suffolk County 1st District Court- Civil

    Address: 3105 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ronkonkoma NY 11779
    Phone: 631-854-9676 Fax: 631-854-9681

  • Suffolk County 2nd District Court

    Address: 30 East Hoffman Avenue, Lindenhurst NY 11757
    Phone: 631-854-1121 Fax: 631-854-1127

  • Suffolk County 3rd District Court

    Address: 1850 New York Avenue, Huntington Station NY 11746
    Phone: 631-854-4545 Fax: 631-854-4549

  • Suffolk County 4th District Court

    Address: Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY 11787
    Phone: 631-853-5408 Fax: 631- 853-5951

  • Suffolk County 5th District Court

    Address: 3105 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ronkonkoma NY 11779
    Phone: 631-854-9676 Fax: 631-854-9681

  • Suffolk County 6th District Court

    Address: 150 West Main Street, Patchogue NY 11772
    Phone: 631-854-1440 Fax: 631-854-1444

  • Amityville Justice Court

    Address: 21 Ireland Place, Amityville NY 11701
    Phone: 631-691-3303 Fax: 631-691-3304

  • Asharoken Village Court

    Address: 1 Asharoken Avenue, Northport NY 11768
    Phone: 631-261-8677

  • Babylon Village Court

    Address: 153 West Main Street, Babylon NY 11702
    Phone: 631-669-1771

  • Belle Terre Village Court

    Address: 55 Cliff Road, Belle Terre NY 11777
    Phone: 631-473-5105

  • Bellport Village Court

    Address: 29 Bellport Lane, Bellport NY 11713
    Phone: 631-286-0327 ext 22

  • Brightwaters Village Court

    Address: 40 Seneca Drive, PO Box 601, Brightwaters NY 11718
    Phone: 631-665-1281 Fax: 631-665-2830

  • East Hampton Town Court

    Address: 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton NY 11937
    Phone: 631-324-4134 Fax: 631-324-4132

  • Head of the Harbor Village Court

    Address: 500 North Country Road, St James NY 11780
    Phone: 631-584-2034 Fax: 631-862-1417

  • Huntington Bay Village Court

    Address: 244 Vineyard Road, PO Box 2184, Huntington NY 11743
    Phone: 631-427-2843 Fax: 631-425-3063

  • Islandia Village Court

    Address: 1100 Old Nichols Road, Islandia NY 11749
    Phone: 631-348-0470

  • Lake Grove Village Court

    Address: PO Box 1231, Lake Grove NY 11755
    Phone: 631-585-2008

  • Lindenhurst Village Court

    Address: 430 South Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst NY 11757
    Phone: 631-957-7508

  • Lloyd Harbor Village Court

    Address: 380 West Neck Road, Lloyd Harbor NY 11743
    Phone: 631-549-8893

  • Mastic Beach Village Court

    Address: 427 Neighborhood Road, PO Box 521, Mastic Beach NY 11951
    Phone: 631-566-6713

  • Nissequogue Village Court

    Address: 631 Moriches Road, PO Box 184, St James NY 11780
    Phone: 631-862-8576

  • Northport Village Justice Court

    Address: 224 Main Street, Northport NY 11768
    Phone: 631-757-0935

  • Ocean Beach Village Justice Court

    Address: PO Box 433, Ocean Beach NY 11770
    Phone: 631-583-0104

  • Old Field Village Court

    Address: PO Box 2724, Setauket NY 11733
    Phone: 631-941-9416

  • Patchogue Village Justice Court

    Address: 14 Baker Street, PO Box 719, Patchogue NY 11772
    Phone: 631-475-2753 Fax: 631-475-1650

  • Poquott Village Court

    Address: 45 Birchwood Avenue, East Setauket NY 11733
    Phone: 631-476-4043 Ext. 22

  • Port Jefferson Village Court

    Address: 121 West Broadway, Port Jefferson NY 11777
    Phone: 631-473-8287

  • Quogue Village Justice Court

    Address: 123 Jessup Avenue, PO Box 926, Quogue NY 11959
    Phone: 631-653-9400 Fax: 631-653-9356

  • Riverhead Town Court

    Address: 210 Howell Avenue, Riverhead NY 11901
    Phone: 631-727-3200 Ext. 229 Fax: 631-727-8283

  • Sag Harbor Village Court

    Address: 55 Main Street, PO Box 660, Sag Harbor NY 11963
    Phone: 631-725-0222 Fax: 631-725-0316

  • Saltaire Village Court

    Address: PO Box 5551, Bay Shore NY 11706
    Phone: 631-583-5566

  • Shelter Island Town Court

    Address: 46 North Ferry Road, PO Box 1632, Shelter NY 11964
    Phone: 631-749-8989 Fax: 631-749-2504

  • Shoreham Village Court

    Address: PO Box 389, Shoreham NY 11786
    Phone: 631-821-0680

  • Southampton Town Justice Court

    Address: 32 Jackson Avenue, Hampton Bays NY 11946
    Phone: 631-702-2990 Fax: 631-728-2954

  • Southampton Village Justice Court

    Address: 151 Windmill Lane, Southampton NY 11968
    Phone: 631-204-2140

  • Southold Justice Court

    Address: 53095 Route 25, PO Box 1179, Southold NY 11971
    Phone: 631-765-1852 Fax: 631-765-3898

  • Village of the Branch Justice Court

    Address: PO Box 725, Smithtown NY 11787
    Phone: 631-265-3315

  • West Hampton Dunes Village Justice Court

    Address: 165 Mill Road, PO Box 306, West Hampton Beach NY 11978
    Phone: 631-466-1632

  • Westhampton Beach Justice Court

    Address: 165 Mill Road, Westhampton Beach NY 11978
    Phone: 631-288-3980 Fax: 631-702-1585

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