Nassau County Criminal Court

Nassau County Criminal Court handles all criminal cases that are filed in Nassau County. See below for more information about criminal cases in Nassau County.

Mandatory Appearances in Nassau County Criminal Court

At a mandatory or required court appearance in Nassau County, the defendant must appear before the court. In the event of a “Failure to Appear” the judge may issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant. Note: not all criminal hearings are mandatory, in a non-mandatory hearing an attorney may appear on your behalf without you being in court.

Can I appeal a guilty verdict?

If found guilty, a defendant may decide to appeal his case to an appelate court. The appellate court will not retry the case, they will examine the proceedings in the lower court to make sure they were done in a legal manner. The appellate court can either uphold the original conviction, or determine that due to errors made in the original trial, that there must be a retrial, resentencing or a complete dismissal of the charges.

Nassau County Criminal Court

Nassau County Criminal Court

Sentencing in Nassau County

In Nassau County if the defendant is found guilty (by trial or plea), the defendant will be sentenced. This sometimes occurrs immediately after being found guilty, but can also take place at a later date. In most instances, a judge will impose the sentence that is requested by the prosecution, but they also have the descretion to impose a different sentence.

Jury by Trial Right

The US Constitution (Article 3 along with the 6th Amendment) ensures an accused defendant the right to a jury trial. This applies to crimes that have a $500 fine or a potential sentence of six months in jail (aka Serious Crimes). This right to trial by jury can also be waived by a defendant.

What happens in Nassau County at an arraignment?

In Nassau County the defendant is brought into court and informed by the judge of the charges that have been filed against them along with informing them of their rights. At this time, the defendant can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. If the defendant pleads guilty or no contest, there will be no trial and the defendant may be sentenced immediately or at a later date. If the defendant pleads not guilty a trial date is set.

Where will Nassau County criminal case hearings take place?

Criminal cases will take place at the criminal courts of Nassau County. See here for the location of the criminal courts in Nassau County.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

The 6th Amendment guarantees you the right to an attorney whether or not you can afford one. If you cannot afford one, a public defender will be appointed by the court to represent you.

Who is the prosecutor for Nassau County?

Depending upon the case, the prosecutor for Nassau County criminal cases will either be a representative of Nassau County or a representative from New York. After reviewing evidence it is the prosecutor’s decision whether to file charges or drop a case. Most prosecutors have the ability to negotiate plea bargains, and determine how the case will be prosecuted.

I need help for my Nassau County criminal case

The best place to get information about your criminal case is from an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one to represent you which will assist in your case. For general information about your case the Nassau County court clerk is able to provide general information about your specific case (e.g. date/time hearings, mandatory appearance, what will take place and what you will be required to do). The court clerk for Nassau County will NOT be able to provide legal advice for your case, only an attorney can provide legal advice. The court clerk can provide legal information (like the information found on this website) about your case but cannot provide advice about what you should do in your legal manner.

Can I request a Plea Agreement?

In Nassau County you may be able to enter into a plea agreement depending upon the severity of the charges. It is also dependant upon the prosecution willing to accept a plea agreement. You can ask your attorney to attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution to avoid having a jury trial along with the potential for a more serious sentence. Approximately 9 out of 10 criminal cases usually end in a plea agreement.

Jury Deliberations in Nassau County

In Nassau County, jury deliberations will take place in a jury trial after the prosecution and defense have presented their cases and rested. At this point, the judge will provide a list of instructions to the jury about what they are allowed and not allowed to do and what verdict options are available for them to decide. The jury will be sent to a private room to discuss the evidence presented in the case and attempt to reach a unaminous decision. When a unaminous decision is reached, the jury will inform the judge that they have reached a verdict and will return to the courtroom for the verdict to be read allowed. In the event that the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict, the jury results in a deadlock and a mistrial is declared.

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof is always on the prosecution in a criminal trial. In other words, the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. The defense must only prove that there is a reasonable possibility that the defendant did NOT commit the crime. If the prosecution cannot prove that the defendant committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury will be instructed to find the defendant not-guilty.

Nassau County Criminal Court Locations

  • Nassau County Surrogate’s Court

    Address: 262 Old Country Road, Mineola NY 11501
    Phone: 516-493-3800

  • Nassau County Court

    Address: 262 Old Country Road, Mineola NY 11501
    Phone: 516-493-3710 Fax: Fax: 516-571-2160

  • Nassau County District Court

    Address: 99 Main Street, Hempstead NY 11550
    Phone: 516-493-4200

  • Glen Cove City Court

    Address: 13 Glen Street, Glen Cove NY 11542
    Phone: 516-403-2441 Fax: 516-676-1570

  • Long Beach City Court

    Address: 1 West Chester Street, Long Beach NY 11561
    Phone: 516-442-8544

  • Atlantic Beach Village Court

    Address: 65 The Plaza, PO Box 189, Atlantic Beach NY 11509
    Phone: 516-371-4552

  • Baxter Estates Village Court

    Address: 315 Main Street, Port Washington NY 11050
    Phone: 516-767-0096

  • Bayville Village Justice Court

    Address: 34 School Street, Bayville NY 11709
    Phone: 516-628-1410 Fax: 516-628-3740

  • Bellerose Village Court

    Address: 50 Superior Road, Bellerose Village NY 11001
    Phone: 516-358-2962

  • Brookville Village Court

    Address: 18 Horse Hill Road, Brookville NY 11545
    Phone: 516-922-8198

  • Cedarhurst Village Court

    Address: 200 Cedarhurst Avenue, Cedarhurst NY 11516
    Phone: 516-295-5522

  • Centre Island Village Court

    Address: 303 Centre Island Rd, Oyster Bay NY 11771
    Phone: 516-922-2176

  • Cove Neck Village Court

    Address: 2 Cove Neck Road, PO Box 299, Oyster Bay NY 11771
    Phone: 516-922-1885

  • East Hills Village Court

    Address: 209 Harbor Hill Rd, East Hills NY 11576
    Phone: 516-621-6117

  • East Rockaway Village Justice Court

    Address: 376 Atlantic Avenue, PO Box 189, East Rockaway NY 11518
    Phone: 516-887-6312 Fax: 516-887-6314

  • East Williston Village Court

    Address: 2 Prospect Street, East Williston, NY 11596
    Phone: 516-922-9154

  • Farmingdale Village Court

    Address: 361 Main Street, Farmingdale NY 11735
    Phone: 516-293-2292

  • Floral Park Village Justice Court

    Address: 1 Floral Blvd, Floral Park NY 11002
    Phone: 516-326-6325 Fax: 516-328-2404

  • Flower Hill Village Court

    Address: 1 Bonnie Heights Road, Manhasset NY 11030
    Phone: 516-627-8877

  • Freeport Village Court

    Address: 40 North Ocean Avenue, Freeport NY 11520
    Phone: 516-377-2329 Fax: 516-377-2209

  • Garden City Village Justice Court

    Address: 351 Stewart Ave, Garden City NY 11530
    Phone: 516-465-4080

  • Great Neck Estates Village Justice Court

    Address: 4 Gateway Drive, Great Neck NY 11021
    Phone: 516-482-6430

  • Great Neck Plaza Village Justice Court

    Address: 2 Gussack Plaza, PO Box 440, Great Neck, NY 11022
    Phone: 516-482-4500

  • Great Neck Village Court

    Address: 61 Baker Hill Road, Great Neck NY 11023
    Phone: 516-487-0775 Fax: 516-504-4463

  • Hempstead Village Court

    Address: 99 Nichols Court, Hempstead NY 11550
    Phone: 516-478-6254

  • Hewlett Bay Park Village Court

    Address: 30 Piermont Avenue, Hewlett NY 11557
    Phone: 516-295-1400

  • Island Park Village Justice Court

    Address: 127 Long Beach Road, Island Park NY 11558
    Phone: 516-431-0600 Fax: 516-431-0436

  • Kensington Village Court

    Address: 2 Nassau Drive, Great Neck NY 11021
    Phone: 516-482-4409 Ext. 148

  • Kings Point Village Court

    Address: 32 Steppingstone Lane, Kings Point NY 11024
    Phone: 516-482-2403

  • Lake Success Village Court

    Address: 15 Vanderbilt Drive, Lake Success NY 11020
    Phone: 516-482-7430

  • Lattingtown Village Court

    Address: PO Box 201, Locust Valley NY 11560
    Phone: 516-681-9271

  • Laurel Hollow Justice Court

    Address: 1492 Laurel Hollow Road, Syosset NY 11791
    Phone: 516-692-8826 Fax: 516-692-4198

  • Lawrence Village Justice Court

    Address: 196 Central Avenue, Lawrence NY 11559
    Phone: 516-239-9166

  • Lynbrook Village Justice Court

    Address: 1 Columbus Drive, Lynbrook NY 11563
    Phone: 516-599-0416 Fax: 516-599-0448

  • Malverne Village Court

    Address: 99 Church Street, Malverne NY 11565
    Phone: 516-599-0722

  • Manorhaven Village Justice Court

    Address: 33 Manorhaven Blvd, Port Washington NY 11050
    Phone: 516-883-7000 Ext. 12

  • Massapequa Park Village Court

    Address: 151 Front Street, Massapequa Park NY 11762
    Phone: 516-798-0244

  • Matinecock Village Court

    Address: Mailing: PO Box 227, East Norwich NY 11732
    Phone: 516-922-8198

  • Mill Neck Village Court

    Address: 32 Frost Mill Road, PO Box 232, Mill Neck NY 11765
    Phone: 516-922-6722

  • Mineola Justice Court

    Address: 155 Washington Avenue, PO Box 167, Mineola NY 11501
    Phone: 516-746-0750 Fax: 516-739-7076

  • Munsey Park Village Court

    Address: 1777 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset NY 11030
    Phone: 516-365-7790

  • Muttontown Village Court

    Address: 1763 Route 106, Syosset NY 11791
    Phone: 516-364-2240 Fax: 516-364-2031

  • New Hyde Park Village Court

    Address: 1420 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park NY 11040
    Phone: 516-354-6330 Fax: 516-354-6004

  • North Hills Village Court

    Address: 1 Shelter Rock Road, Roslyn NY 11576
    Phone: 516-365-8857 Fax: 516-627-0703

  • Old Brookville Village Court

    Address: 201 Mccouns Lane, Old Brookville NY 11545
    Phone: 516-671-4664

  • Old Westbury Village Court

    Address: 1 Store Hill Road, Old Westbury NY 11568
    Phone: 516-626-0809

  • Oyster Bay Cove Village Court

    Address: 25B Route 25A, Oyster Bay Cove NY 11771
    Phone: 516-681-9271

  • Plandome Heights Village Court

    Address: 37 Orchard Street, PO Box 1384, Manhasset NY 11030
    Phone: 516-627-1136 Fax: 516-627-1393

  • Plandome Manor Village Court

    Address: 55 Manhasset Avenue, Manhasset NY 11030
    Phone: 516-627-3701

  • Plandome Village Court

    Address: 65 South Drive, PO Box 930, Plandome NY 11030
    Phone: 516-365-3083

  • Port Washington North Village Court

    Address: 71 Old Shore Road, Port Washington NY 11050
    Phone: 516-883-5900

  • Rockville Centre Village Justice Court

    Address: One College Place, PO Box 950, Rockville Centre NY 11571
    Phone: 516-678-9233

  • Roslyn Estates Village Court

    Address: 25 The Tulips, Roslyn NY 11576
    Phone: 516-621-3541

  • Roslyn Harbor Village Court

    Address: 500 Motts Cove Road South, Roslyn Harbor NY 11576
    Phone: 516-621-7261

  • Roslyn Village Justice Court

    Address: 1200 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn, NY 11576
    Phone: 516-621-1961 Fax: 516-621-2171

  • Russell Gardens Village Court

    Address: 6 Tain Drive, Great Neck NY 11021
    Phone: 516-482-8246

  • Saddle Rock Village Court

    Address: 18 Masefield Way, Saddle Rock NY 11023
    Phone: 516-482-9400

  • Sands Point Village Court

    Address: 26 Tibbits Lane, PO Box 188, Sands Point NY 11050
    Phone: 516-883-3044

  • Sea Cliff Village Court

    Address: 300 Sea Cliff Avenue, PO Box 340, Sea Cliff NY 11579
    Phone: 516-671-0080

  • South Floral Park Village Court

    Address: 383 Roquette Avenue, South Floral Park NY 11001
    Phone: 516-352-8047

  • Stewart Manor Village Court

    Address: 120 Covert Avenue, Stewart Manor NY 11530
    Phone: 516-354-1800

  • Thomaston Village Court

    Address: 100 East Shore Road, Great Neck NY 11023
    Phone: 516-482-3110

  • Upper Brookville Village Court

    Address: PO Box 436, Glen Head NY 11545
    Phone: 516-924-2552

  • Valley Stream Village Justice Court

    Address: 123 South Central Avenue, Valley Stream NY 11580
    Phone: 825-4200 Ext. 2

  • Westbury Village Court

    Address: 235 Lincoln Place, Westbury NY 11590
    Phone: 516-334-1700 Fax: 516-334-7563

  • Williston Park Village Justice Court

    Address: 494 Willis Avenue, Williston Park NY 11596
    Phone: 516-248-5150

  • Woodsburgh Village Court

    Address: 30 Piermont Avenue, Hewlett NY 11557
    Phone: 516-295-1400

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