Steuben County Criminal Court

Steuben County Criminal Court hears all criminal cases in Steuben County. Below you will find specific information about criminal cases and how they are handled in Steuben County.

Can I request a Plea Agreement?

In Steuben County you may be able to enter into a plea agreement depending upon the severity of the charges. It is also dependant upon the prosecution willing to accept a plea agreement. You can ask your attorney to attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution to avoid having a jury trial along with the potential for a more serious sentence. Approximately 9 out of 10 criminal cases usually end in a plea agreement.

Steuben County Prosecutor

For criminal cases in Steuben County, the prosecutor will be a representative of Steuben County. The Steuben County prosecutor reviews all evidence and ultimately decides whether to file or dismiss charges in the case. Most of the time, the prosecutor has leeway in plea negotiations and determines how the case will be prosecuted.

Steuben County Criminal Court

Steuben County Criminal Court

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

The 6th Amendment guarantees you the right to an attorney whether or not you can afford one. If you cannot afford one, a public defender will be appointed by the court to represent you.

Where can I get help for my Steuben County criminal case?

The 6th amendment of the United States Constitution provides a criminal defendant with the right to an attorney. As read in the miranda rights, this means that if a defendant cannot afford to hire a private attorney a legal attorney will be appointed to the defendant to represent him at no cost to the defendant. This is often a public defender. In addition, the court clerk for Steuben County will also be able to provide general information about a specific criminal case. The clerk can only provide information and is not an attorney so they cannot provide legal advice, only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice about what the best options for are for your particular case.

Steuben County Arraignments

An arraignment is a court hearing. In Steuben County this is the first thing that will happen in a criminal case. The defendant will be brought before a judge in Steuben County Criminal Court and the judge will read the charges that were filed against the defendant. The judge will also read the rights the defendant has and ask the defendant if they understand both the charges filed against them and their rights as a defendant in the case. In Steuben County a plea of Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest may be entered. In a guilty or no contest plea the sentencing of the defendant may take place at the same arraignment hearing or a later date may be scheduled for sentencing. For a not guilty plea, a date will be set for a trial.

Steuben County Required Court Appearances

In Steuben County, there are both required and non-required court appearances for the defendant. At a required or mandatory appearance hearing, the defendant is required to appear in person before the court. Failing to appear at your required hearing may result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest by the judge.

Defendant Sentencing

At a sentence hearing the judge will inform the defendant of the sentence that will be imposed. This sometimes occurs at the same hearing in which the defendant is found guilty (either by trial or plea agreement). In can also occur at a later date, most often this is due to the complexity of the case where more time is needed to determine the appropriate sentence.

Appealing a guilty verdict

A defendant may appeal a guilty verdict to an appellate court. This is not a request to have another trial, but a request for an appellate court to review the case and determine that it was handled in a correct legal manner. There are a number of outcomes in an appeal including an upholding of the conviction, a finding that errors were made resulting in a retrial or resentencing or possibly a complete disimissal of all charges.

Where will Steuben County criminal case hearings take place?

Criminal cases will take place at the criminal courts of Steuben County. See here for the location of the criminal courts in Steuben County.

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof is always on the prosecution in a criminal trial. In other words, the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. The defense must only prove that there is a reasonable possibility that the defendant did NOT commit the crime. If the prosecution cannot prove that the defendant committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury will be instructed to find the defendant not-guilty.

The Right to Trial by Jury

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a trial by a jury. This is applicable for when the crime can carry a sentence of 6 months in jail OR a $500 fine, these are known as “Serious Crimes”. The defendant can also waive their right to a speedy and public trial.

Jury Deliberations in Steuben County

In Steuben County, jury deliberations will take place in a jury trial after the prosecution and defense have presented their cases and rested. At this point, the judge will provide a list of instructions to the jury about what they are allowed and not allowed to do and what verdict options are available for them to decide. The jury will be sent to a private room to discuss the evidence presented in the case and attempt to reach a unaminous decision. When a unaminous decision is reached, the jury will inform the judge that they have reached a verdict and will return to the courtroom for the verdict to be read allowed. In the event that the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict, the jury results in a deadlock and a mistrial is declared.

Steuben County Criminal Court Locations

  • Steuben County Surrogate’s Court

    Address: 3 East Pulteney Square, Bath NY 14810
    Phone: 607-622-8221 Fax: 607-622-8243

  • Steuben County Court

    Address: 3 East Pulteney Square, Bath NY 14810
    Phone: 607-622-8219 Fax: 607-622-8244

  • Corning City Court

    Address: 12 Civic Center Plaza, Corning NY 14830
    Phone: 607-654-6033 Fax: 607-654-6030

  • Hornell City Court

    Address: 82 Main Street, PO Box 627, Hornell NY 14843
    Phone: 607-324-7531 Fax 607-324-6325

  • Addison Town Court

    Address: 21 Main Street, Addison NY 14801
    Phone: 607-359-3615

  • Avoca Town Court

    Address: 3 Chase Street, PO Box 463, Avoca NY 14809
    Phone: 607-566-2093

  • Bath Town Court

    Address: 110 Liberty Street, PO Box 327, Bath NY 14810
    Phone: 607-776-3192

  • Bath Village Court

    Address: 110 Liberty Street, PO Box 327, Bath NY 14810
    Phone: 607-776-3192

  • Bradford Town Court

    Address: Town Hall, PO Box 184, Bradford NY 14815
    Phone: 607-583-4270

  • Cameron Town Court

    Address: Town Hall, 4091 Bath Street, PO Box 1932, Cameron NY 14819
    Phone: 607-695-9022 Fax: 607-695-9217

  • Campbell Town Court

    Address: 8529 Main Street, Campbell NY 14821
    Phone: 607-527-8244 Ext. 1

  • Canisteo Town Court

    Address: 6 South Main Street, Canisteo NY 14823
    Phone: 607-698-2129

  • Canisteo Village Court

    Address: 8 Green Street, Canisteo NY 14823
    Phone: 607-698-4307 Fax: 607-689-4534

  • Caton Town Court

    Address: 11161 Hendy Hollow Road, Corning NY 14830
    Phone: 607-524-6772

  • Cohocton Town Court

    Address: 19 Main Street, PO Box 221, Atlanta NY 14808
    Phone: 585-534-5100 Fax: 585-534-5100

  • Cohocton Village Court

    Address: 19 Main Street, PO Box 221, Atlanta NY 14808
    Phone: 585-534-5100 Fax: 585-534-5100

  • Corning Town Justice Court

    Address: 20 South Maple Street, Corning NY 14830
    Phone: 607-936-6114 Ext. 4 Fax: 607-936-2616

  • Dansville Town Court

    Address: Town Hall, 1487 Day Road, Arkport NY 14807
    Phone: 607-295-9917 Fax: 607-295-7132

  • Erwin Town Court

    Address: Town Hall, 117 West Water Street, Painted Post NY 14870
    Phone: 607-936-3122 Fax: 607-937-3153

  • Fremont Town Court

    Address: 8217 Cream Hill Road, PO Box 1017, Arkport NY 14807
    Phone: 607-324-0009

  • Greenwood Town Court

    Address: 2686 Route 248, PO Box 764, Greenwood NY 14839
    Phone: 607-225-4654

  • Hartsville Town Court

    Address: 5150 Purdy Creek Road, Hornell NY 14843
    Phone: 607-698-4940

  • Hornby Town Court

    Address: 4830 Hornby Road, Beaver Dams, NY 14812
    Phone: 607-962-0683

  • Hornellsville Town Court

    Address: 4 Parks Street, PO Box 1, Arkport NY 14807
    Phone: 607-295-8207

  • Howard Town Court

    Address: 3725 Mill Road, Avoca NY 14809
    Phone: 607-566-2058

  • Jasper Town Court

    Address: 3807 Preacher Road, PO Box 23, Jasper NY 14855
    Phone: 607-792-3686

  • Lindley Town Court

    Address: 637 US 15, PO Box 62, Lindley NY 14858
    Phone: 607-523-8388

  • Prattsburgh Town Court

    Address: 19 North Main Street, PO Box 372, Prattsburgh NY 14873
    Phone: 607-522-3731

  • Pulteney Town Court

    Address: 9226 County Route 74, PO Box 214, Pulteney NY 14874
    Phone: 607-868-3931

  • Rathbone Town Court

    Address: Town Hall, 8088 County Road 21, Addison NY 14801
    Phone: 607-359-258 Ext. 3 Fax: 607-359-2249

  • Savona Village Court

    Address: 15 McCoy Street, PO Box 411, Savona NY 14879
    Phone: 607-583-7618

  • Thurston Town Court

    Address: Town Court, 7578 County Route 333, Thurston NY 14821
    Phone: 607-527-6157 Fax: 607-527-6157

  • Troupsburg Town Court

    Address: 873 Main Street, PO Box 83, Troupsburg NY 14885
    Phone: 607-525-6403

  • Tuscarora Town Court

    Address: 1094 Gill Road, Addison NY 14801
    Phone: 607-359-4000

  • Urbana Town Court

    Address: 8014 Pleasant Valley Road, PO Box 186, Hammondsport NY 14840
    Phone: 607-569-2709

  • Wayland Town Court

    Address: 17 North Main Street, PO Box 515, Wayland NY 14572
    Phone: 585-728-3504 or 585-728-2811 Fax: 585-728-3881

  • Wayland Village Court

    Address: 15 North Main Street, Wayland NY 14572
    Phone: 585-728-3504 Fax: 585-728-5367

  • Wayne Town Court

    Address: Silsbee Road, PO Box 182, Wayne NY 14893
    Phone: 607-292-6003

  • West Union Town Court

    Address: 1328 State Route 248, Rexville NY 14877
    Phone: 607-356-3416

  • Wheeler Town Court

    Address: 6439 Gardner Road, Bath NY 14810
    Phone: 607-776-7208

  • Woodhull Town Court

    Address: 1585 Academy Street, PO Box 56, Woodhull NY 14898
    Phone: 607-458-5252

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