Oneida County Criminal Court

Oneida County Criminal Court handles all criminal cases that are filed in Oneida County. See below for more information about criminal cases in Oneida County.

Required Court Appearances in Oneida County

Any required court appearances in Oneida County Criminal Court must be attended by the defendant. Failure to appear in court at your required date and time may result in the judge issuing an arrest warrant.

What happens in Oneida County at an arraignment?

In Oneida County the defendant is brought into court and informed by the judge of the charges that have been filed against them along with informing them of their rights. At this time, the defendant can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. If the defendant pleads guilty or no contest, there will be no trial and the defendant may be sentenced immediately or at a later date. If the defendant pleads not guilty a trial date is set.

Oneida County Criminal Court

Oneida County Criminal Court

What is the Burden of Proof?

The term “Burden of Proof” means that the prosecutor is required to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor cannot provide proof of the defendants guilt, then the judge or jury in a trial must find the defendant not guilty. In the United States the principle innocent until proven guilty derives from this that the defendant is assumed innocent and the prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.

I need help for my Oneida County criminal case

The best place to get information about your criminal case is from an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one to represent you which will assist in your case. For general information about your case the Oneida County court clerk is able to provide general information about your specific case (e.g. date/time hearings, mandatory appearance, what will take place and what you will be required to do). The court clerk for Oneida County will NOT be able to provide legal advice for your case, only an attorney can provide legal advice. The court clerk can provide legal information (like the information found on this website) about your case but cannot provide advice about what you should do in your legal manner.

Where will Oneida County criminal case hearings take place?

Criminal cases will take place at the criminal courts of Oneida County. See here for the location of the criminal courts in Oneida County.

Sentencing in Oneida County

In Oneida County if the defendant is found guilty (by trial or plea), the defendant will be sentenced. This sometimes occurrs immediately after being found guilty, but can also take place at a later date. In most instances, a judge will impose the sentence that is requested by the prosecution, but they also have the descretion to impose a different sentence.

The Right to Trial by Jury

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a trial by a jury. This is applicable for when the crime can carry a sentence of 6 months in jail OR a $500 fine, these are known as “Serious Crimes”. The defendant can also waive their right to a speedy and public trial.

What is Jury Deliberation?

After both the prosecution and defense have presented their cases, the judge in the case will provide instructions to the jury about what they must decide. The jury will be dismissed to the jury room where they will deliberate about the guilt or innocence of the defendant. After reaching a unaminous decision, they return their decision to the court where it is read aloud in the courtroom. If the jury is unable to reach a unaminous decision, the jury is deadlocked, also known as a hung jury, in which a mistrial will be declared.

What is a Plea Agreement?

A plea agreement is a deal made between the prosecution and the defendant in a case, where the defendant agrees to plea guilty to a particular charge in exchange for some concession from the prosecutor. In practice, more than 90% of criminal cases end with a plea agreement.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

The 6th Amendment guarantees you the right to an attorney whether or not you can afford one. If you cannot afford one, a public defender will be appointed by the court to represent you.

Oneida County Prosecutor

For criminal cases in Oneida County, the prosecutor will be a representative of Oneida County. The Oneida County prosecutor reviews all evidence and ultimately decides whether to file or dismiss charges in the case. Most of the time, the prosecutor has leeway in plea negotiations and determines how the case will be prosecuted.

Can I appeal a guilty verdict?

If found guilty, a defendant may decide to appeal his case to an appelate court. The appellate court will not retry the case, they will examine the proceedings in the lower court to make sure they were done in a legal manner. The appellate court can either uphold the original conviction, or determine that due to errors made in the original trial, that there must be a retrial, resentencing or a complete dismissal of the charges.

Oneida County Criminal Court Locations

  • Oneida County Surrogate’s Court

    Address: 800 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, Utica NY 13501
    Phone: 315-266-4550 Fax: 315-797-9237

  • Oneida County Court

    Address: 200 Elizabeth Street, 4th Floor, Utica NY 13501
    Phone: 315-266-4200 Fax: 315-793-6047

  • Rome City Court

    Address: 100 West Court Street, Rome NY 13440
    Phone: 315-337-6440 Fax: 315-338-0343

  • Sherrill City Court

    Address: 373 Sherrill Road, Sherrill NY 13461
    Phone: 315-363-0996 Fax: 315-363-1176

  • Utica City Court

    Address: 411 Oriskany Street West, Utica NY 13502
    Phone: 315-266-4602 (Criminal) Fax: 315-724-0762

  • Annsville Town Court

    Address: 9196 Main Street, PO Box 61, Taberg NY 13471
    Phone: 315-336-1295 Fax: 315-334-4457

  • Augusta Town Court

    Address: 185 North Main Street, PO Box 671, Oriskany Falls NY 13425
    Phone: 315-821-3814

  • Ava Town Court

    Address: State Route 26, PO Box 94, Ava NY 13303
    Phone: 315-942-4281

  • Boonville Town Court

    Address: 13149 State Route 12, Boonville NY 13309
    Phone: 315-943-2071 Fax: 315-942-6937

  • Boonville Village Justice Court

    Address: 13149 State Route 12, Boonville NY 13309
    Phone: 315-943-2070 Fax: 315-942-6937

  • Bridgewater Town Court

    Address: 404 State Route 8, PO Box 205, Bridgewater NY 13313
    Phone: 315-822-5909 Fax: 315-822-5909

  • Camden Town Court

    Address: 14 Church Street, Camden NY 13316
    Phone: 315-245-0560

  • Deerfield Town Court

    Address: 6329 Walker Road, Deerfield NY 13502
    Phone: 315-507-3058 Fax: 315-507-3060

  • Florence Town Court

    Address: 2 Main Street, Florence NY 13316
    Phone: 315-245-4256

  • Floyd Town Court

    Address: 8299 Old Floyd Road, Rome NY 13440
    Phone: 315-865-4256 Ext. 25 Fax: 315-865-4056

  • Forestport Town Court

    Address: 12012 Woodhull Road, PO Box 137, Forestport NY 13338
    Phone: 315-392-2801 Ext. 5 Fax: 315-392-2343

  • Kirkland Town Justice Court

    Address: 3699 State Route 12B, Clinton NY 13323
    Phone: 315-853-4538 Fax: 315-853-7837

  • Lee Town Court

    Address: 5808 Stokes-Lee Center Road, PO Box 122, Lee Center NY 13363
    Phone: 315-336-1585 Fax: 315-336-7538

  • Marcy Town Court

    Address: 8801 Paul Becker Road, Marcy NY 13403
    Phone: 315-768-4800 Ext. 223 Fax: 315-768-1308

  • Marshall Town Court

    Address: 2651 State Route 12B, PO Box 26, Deansboro NY 13328
    Phone: 315-841-4473 Ext. 12 Fax: 315-841-3589

  • New Hartford Town Court

    Address: 30 Kellogg Road, New Hartford NY 13413
    Phone: 315-732-5924 Fax: 315-733-8999

  • New Hartford Village Court

    Address: 30 Kellogg Road, New Hartford NY 13413
    Phone: 315-732-5924 Fax: 315-733-8999

  • New York Mills Village Court

    Address: 1 Maple Street, New York Mills NY 13417
    Phone: 315-736-7811

  • Oriskany Village Court

    Address: 708 Utica Street, PO Box 904, Oriskany NY 13424
    Phone: 315-736-2725 Fax: 315-736-5594

  • Paris Town Court

    Address: 2580 Sulphur Springs Road, Sauquoit NY 13456
    Phone: 315-839-6208 Fax: 315-839-6209

  • Remsen Town Court

    Address: 10540 Academy Lane, PO Box 308, Remsen NY 13438
    Phone: 315-831-8710 Fax: 315-831-8710

  • Sangerfield Town Court

    Address: 1084 State Route 12, PO Box 34, Sangerfield NY 13455
    Phone: 315-841-4108

  • Steuben Town Court

    Address: 9458 Soule Road, Remsen NY 13438
    Phone: 315-865-5508 Fax: 315-865-5522

  • Sylvan Beach Village Court

    Address: 808 Marina Drive, PO Box 580, Sylvan Beach NY 13157
    Phone: 315-762-4246 Fax: 315-762-4239

  • Trenton Town Court

    Address: 8520 Old Poland Road, PO Box 521, Barneveld NY 13304
    Phone: 315-896-4510 Fax: 315-896-4803

  • Vernon Town Court

    Address: 4305 Peterboro Road, PO Box 643, Vernon NY 13476
    Phone: 315-829-4481 Fax: 315-829-3553

  • Vernon Village Justice Court

    Address: 8 Ruth Street, PO Box 1137, Vernon NY 13476
    Phone: 315-829-2489

  • Verona Town Court

    Address: 6600 Germany Road, Durhamville NY 13054
    Phone: 315-363-4394 Fax: 315-363-8055

  • Vienna Town Court

    Address: 2083 State Route 49, PO Box 376, North Bay NY 13123
    Phone: 315-245-2191 Ext. 737

  • Waterville Village Court

    Address: 122 Barton Avenue, Waterville NY 13480
    Phone: 315-841-8737

  • Western Town Court

    Address: 9219 Main Street, PO Box 248, Westernville NY 13486
    Phone: 315-827-4548

  • Westmoreland Justice Court

    Address: 100 Station Road, PO Box 238, Westmoreland NY 13490
    Phone: 315-853-4333

  • Whitesboro Village Court

    Address: 8 Park Avenue, Whitesboro NY 13492
    Phone: 315-736-4353

  • Whitestown Town Court

    Address: 1 Championship Way, Whitesboro NY 13492
    Phone: 315-736-0564 (Judge Appler) Fax: 315-736-0430

  • Yorkville Village Court

    Address: 30 6th Street, PO Box 203, Yorkville NY 13495
    Phone: 315-736-0204 Fax: 315-736-0206

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