Orange County Criminal Court

Orange County Criminal Court handles all criminal cases that are filed in Orange County. See below for more information about criminal cases in Orange County.

Who is the prosecutor for Orange County?

Depending upon the case, the prosecutor for Orange County criminal cases will either be a representative of Orange County or a representative from New York. After reviewing evidence it is the prosecutor’s decision whether to file charges or drop a case. Most prosecutors have the ability to negotiate plea bargains, and determine how the case will be prosecuted.

The Right to Trial by Jury

The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a trial by a jury. This is applicable for when the crime can carry a sentence of 6 months in jail OR a $500 fine, these are known as “Serious Crimes”. The defendant can also waive their right to a speedy and public trial.

Orange County Criminal Court

Orange County Criminal Court

The Right to Counsel

The Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the U.s. Constitution give defendants in criminal cases the right to counsel/attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to represent you. Like other rights a defendant has, this one can be waived as well and alternatively you can choose to represent yourself.

Where will Orange County criminal case hearings take place?

Criminal cases will take place at the criminal courts of Orange County. See here for the location of the criminal courts in Orange County.

What is the Burden of Proof?

The term “Burden of Proof” means that the prosecutor is required to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor cannot provide proof of the defendants guilt, then the judge or jury in a trial must find the defendant not guilty. In the United States the principle innocent until proven guilty derives from this that the defendant is assumed innocent and the prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.

Mandatory Appearances in Orange County Criminal Court

At a mandatory or required court appearance in Orange County, the defendant must appear before the court. In the event of a “Failure to Appear” the judge may issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant. Note: not all criminal hearings are mandatory, in a non-mandatory hearing an attorney may appear on your behalf without you being in court.

What is a Plea Agreement?

A plea agreement is a deal made between the prosecution and the defendant in a case, where the defendant agrees to plea guilty to a particular charge in exchange for some concession from the prosecutor. In practice, more than 90% of criminal cases end with a plea agreement.

Who can help me in Orange County?

For general information about your case the Orange County court clerk will be able to provide legal information about your specific criminal case. Legal information is not legal advice though, the court clerk will only be able to provide information about your case, like date/time of hearings what will occur at the hearing and what you may be required to do in the hearing. They cannot provide advice about what you should do or what the best legal options may be for your particular case. Only an attorney can provide legal advice and this is your best place for information about your specific criminal proceeding. If you cannot afford to hire a private attorney to represent you, a judge will appoint an attorney to represent you, this is most often a public defender.

Arraignments in Orange County

During an arraignment in Orange County, a defendant appears before the court and the judge reads the charges that have been filed against the accused and also informs the defendant of his/her rights. During the arraignment in Orange County, the defendant can choose to plead one of the following 1) Guilty 2) Not Guilty or 3) No Contest. If the defendant enters a plea of Not Guilty, a date for trial is set. In the event of a Guilty or No Contest Plea in Orange County the defendant may be sentenced at that time or the sentencing may take place at a later date.

Sentencing in Orange County

In Orange County if the defendant is found guilty (by trial or plea), the defendant will be sentenced. This sometimes occurrs immediately after being found guilty, but can also take place at a later date. In most instances, a judge will impose the sentence that is requested by the prosecution, but they also have the descretion to impose a different sentence.

Appealing a Criminal Conviciton

A defendant may appeal a criminal conviction to an appellate court. In an appeal, the actual trial is not redone, but the appellate court hears arguments that the criminal case was not handled in a legal manner at the original criminal court. The appellate court can either uphold the conviction, or determine that errors were made and may request a retrial, a resentencing of the defendant or that the charges be dismissed.

Jury Deliberation

In a jury trial in Orange County, after both the prosecution and defense have rested, the judge will give instructions to the jury and jury deliberations will begin. The jury will convence in a private room to discuss and deliberate the innocence or guilt of the defendant. Once the jury arrives at a unimanous decision, they will inform the judge that they have reached a decision. They will return to the court and the verdict will be read aloud. If the jury cannot reach a unaminous decision, the jury is said to be deadlocked and a mistrial will be declared in the case.

Orange County Criminal Court Locations

  • Orange County Surrogate’s Court

    Address: 30 Park Place, Goshen NY 10924
    Phone: 845-476-3655 Fax: 845-291-2196

  • Orange County Court

    Address: 285 Main Street, Goshen NY 10924
    Phone: 845-476-3500 Fax: 845-291-2595

  • Middletown City Court

    Address: 2 James Street, Middletown NY 10940
    Phone: 845-476-3630 Fax: 845-343-5737

  • Newburgh City Court

    Address: 300 Broadway, Newburgh NY 12550
    Phone: 845-483-8100 Fax: 845-565-0421 (Criminal)

  • Port Jervis City Court

    Address: 20 Hammond Street, Port Jervis NY 12771
    Phone: 845-476-3700 Fax: 845-476-3691

  • Blooming Grove Justice Court

    Address: 6 Horton Road, PO Box 358, Blooming Grove NY 10914
    Phone: 845-496-7631 Fax: 845-497-3686

  • Chester Town Justice Court

    Address: 1786 Kings Highway, Chester NY 10918
    Phone: 845-469-9541

  • Chester Village Justice Court

    Address: 47 Main Street, Chester NY 10918
    Phone: 845-469-8584 Fax: 845-469-7836

  • Cornwall Town Justice Court

    Address: 183 Main Street, Cornwall NY 12518
    Phone: 845-534-8717 Fax: 845-534-4389

  • Crawford Town Court

    Address: Route 302, PO Box 109, Pine Bush NY 12566
    Phone: 845-744-2435

  • Deerpark Town Court

    Address: 420 Route 209, Huguenot NY 12746
    Phone: 845-856-2210 Fax: 845-856-7502 or 845-856-5460

  • Florida Justice Court

    Address: 33 South Main Street, PO Box 451, Florida NY 10921
    Phone: 845-651-4940

  • Goshen Town Court

    Address: 41 Webster Avenue, PO Box 667, Goshen NY 10924
    Phone: 845-294-6477 Fax: 845-294-4456

  • Goshen Village Justice Court

    Address: Village Hall, 276 Main Street, Goshen NY 10924
    Phone: 845-294-5826

  • Greenville Town Court

    Address: 1537 US Highway 6, Port Jervis NY 12771
    Phone: 845-856-5064

  • Greenwood Lake Village Court

    Address: PO Box 1705, Greenwood Lake NY 10925
    Phone: 845-477-9218

  • Hamptonburgh Justice Court

    Address: 18 Bull Road, Campbell Hall NY 10916
    Phone: 845-427-2424 Ext. 3 Fax: 845-427-7723

  • Harriman Village Court

    Address: 1 Church Street, PO Box 706, Harriman NY 10926
    Phone: 845-782-6853

  • Highlands Town Court

    Address: 254 Main Street, Highland Falls NY 10928
    Phone: 845-446-4280

  • Maybrook Village Court

    Address: 109 Main Street, Maybrook NY 12543
    Phone: 845-427-2224

  • Minisink Justice Court

    Address: PO Box 349, Westtown NY 10998
    Phone: 845-726-3700 Fax: 845-726-4205

  • Monroe Town Justice Court

    Address: 17 Lake Street, PO Box 449, Monroe NY 10950
    Phone: 845-782-8404

  • Monroe Village Justice Court

    Address: 7 Stage Road, Monroe NY 10950
    Phone: 845-782-8721 Fax: 845-782-8701

  • Montgomery Town Court

    Address: 110 Bracken Road, Montgomery NY 12549
    Phone: 845-457-2620 Fax: 845-457-6075

  • Montgomery Village Court

    Address: 133 Clinton Street, PO Box 116, Montgomery NY 12549
    Phone: 845-457-9037

  • Mount Hope Town Court

    Address: 11 Baker Street, PO Box 872, Otisville NY 10963
    Phone: 845-386-5303 Fax: 845-386-3101

  • New Windsor Justice Court

    Address: Town Hall, 555 Union Avenue, New Windsor NY 12550
    Phone: 845-563-4681 Fax: 845-563-4682

  • Newburgh Town Court

    Address: 311 Route 32, Newburgh NY 12550
    Phone: 845-564-7161 Fax: 845 566-7171

  • Tuxedo Park Village Court

    Address: 80 Lorillard Road, PO Box 31, Tuxedo Park NY 10987
    Phone: 845-351-4745 Fax: 845-351-2668

  • Tuxedo Town Court

    Address: 1 Temple Drive, Tuxedo NY 10987
    Phone: 845-351-5655 Fax: 845-351-2018

  • Unionville Village Court

    Address: 7 Main St, PO Box 148, Unionville NY 10988
    Phone: 845-726-3681

  • Walden Justice Court

    Address: 1 Municipal Square, Walden NY 12586
    Phone: 845-778-1632 Fax: 845-778-2399

  • Wallkill Town Court

    Address: 99 Tower Drive, Bldg B, Middletown NY 10941
    Phone: 845-692-7822 Fax: 845-692-7816

  • Warwick Town Court

    Address: 132 Kings Highway, PO Box 489, Warwick NY 10990
    Phone: 845-986-1128

  • Warwick Village Court

    Address: 77 Main Street, PO Box 369, Warwick NY 10990
    Phone: 845 986-2031

  • Washingtonville Village Court

    Address: 29 West Main Street, Washingtonville NY 10992
    Phone: 845-496-9797 Fax: 845-496-1990

  • Wawayanda Town Court

    Address: 80 Ridgebury Hill Road, Slate Hill NY 10973
    Phone: 845-355-5700 Ext. 1 Fax: 845-355-5750

  • Woodbury Justice Court

    Address: 511 Route 32, PO Box 509, Highland Mills NY 10930
    Phone: 845-928-2311 Fax: 845-928-8697

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